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Day 1414 “Big Difference”

Well all the tornado activity has delay me posting stuff from this weekend but here it is.

Friday, I got the stuff.

First Rounds with the rubbing compound:

I only got to do the hood with the machine polish but it makes a big difference.

Test fit the new nose emblem to see how well it matched. Metallic changes color depending on what angle you look at.

Day 1418 “Post Polish”

It was a busy weekend. Among all the clean up from the storms that passed through, I managed to work on the car.

Pre-machine polish: (except for the hood, I hit that with some machine polish last weekend)

Post machine Polish:

Still have another step left but I need give a few areas a little more attention with the machine polish before moving on.

Note: Machine polish and niteshade don’t play well together. The polish melted the niteshade and now I have big chunks of polish stuck to the taillight. I’ll have to sand on that a little while.

I went ahead and placed my nose emblem.

Sunday afternoon I got bored so I mounted my new amp and start building my sub box.

Day 1421 “Tint”

The tint is done finally. It took him a couple afternoons because the back glass is a bitch.

This is not the greatest pics, but you get the gist.

At the guy’s garage:

This morning:

Day 1425 “Slowly but Surely”

G18 To do list
oil change
Timing chain
Leds for the headlights
power-steering pump
finish my sub install
shim the shocks
touch up the dash
big clean up
final polish

It was supposed to be a busy weekend to knock out half of this list. But thanks to the corolla and mothers day (Note: I’m not slamming either of those BTW) I had time only to tackle 4 things.

Got a new blower motor. Now the car actually cools down after sitting in the sun for hours lol. The tint probably helps too.

The timing chain was pretty important so I made sure that was done this weekend.

I finally installed my metal elbows.

Then because it was 8pm on Sunday i decided to try and throw on the SFC. 4 hours later they were done. :-\

They look so nice. Too bad they aren’t seen.

They still looks good though.

My booth is showing her age lol. It wasn’t built to last and it’s getting a little tattered. It won’t be long until I take her down. Its been a good few weeks having it and so many memories.

Getting up on the ramps was a little hard.

Day 1426 “On the Daily”

I’ve made my list and I’m going to knock them out in order.

Mon: PS pump
Tues: Projector LEDs
Wed & Thurs: Sub enclosure
Fri: Flag pole Setup for the booth
Sat: Shim Shocks
Sat until g18: Touch Up dash, clean up engine bay & interior (it’s horrible), final step polishing, and other random stuff.

Mon: PS pump is done.

New pump. the old had fluid all over the place. :-\

Day 1429 “8 Plus 12”

I borrowed some solder, But ran out yet again. I’m going to have to get a roll of it to finish. I did manage to work more on my sub enclosure. Its been sealed and I did rattle can it some but the paint wouldn’t dry very well. It was 55 deg. :-\  I’ll finish the paint and throw it in. I really can’t wait to hear the 8 and 12 together.

Day 1431 “LEDs, Shims, and Bass”

This is a busy weekend for sure.

The new sub is installed finally.  It sounds great paired with the 12. I finally have all that mid bass without the mind fuzzing 12 trying to do it.

A few layers of paint both matte black and the carpet spray paint. I still can’t believe how close is it to the trunk lining.


I also managed to knock out quite a few annoying things.

Shimmed the shock finally. I hope this gets rid of the rattle in my shock tower.

This is where the dust cover would have mounted. Now the thickness is where it is supposed to be.

Going Back In:

I finally re-badged the back window. It’s now worthy to cruise to G18.

The most visually appealing thing I accomplished was my LEDs for the headlights. They are finally installed. Although these look great, I plan to redesign the headlights completely but keep this same look. The aiming in this design is less than ideal. I’ve had to remount them to the car several times to get them properly aimed. But they are installed and ready for G18

Finishing the tedious soldering:

Installed Preview:

Final Install:

I’ll probably sharpie the resistors and the screw heads prior to the show. They stand out a little too much.

Night Shots:

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