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Day 1115 “Exhaust clips”

New exhaust clips

GT2 > Pacesetter Headers and Y Pipe > Magnaflow cat > stock cat back > Borla XR1> dumped

Moderate exceleration shift points @ 4K

Heavy exceleration shift points @ ~6k

Drive by starting at 3K and shifting @ 4k

Day 1124 “The Bigger Issue”

I’ve been fighting some electrical issues lately. But I did manage to do a little custom stuff too. Money isn’t flowing at the moment so I have to work with stuff I have until it starts to trickle in.

I got my ignition mounted a few weeks ago. its working great. I’m tweaking it to work better. I’m doing quite a bit of automation. It now stays on when driving (before I had to wake it up to turn off the car). Here is a neat night shot. I still have to create a custom app for it. The appearance of the current one is 100% functional but not pretty.

Now to the bigger issue.

I continue to get these codes and its very random when I get them and which ones but yesterday the idle shoots up and will not return to 1K. I’ve replaced my maf because the housing was cracked. but still no change. I’m going to pull the pcm harness and check there. It seems both the tps and maf have issues but both sensors work. I’m about convinced it’s a short or bad connection somewhere besides the sensors. The heater circuit has been on there and it goes off and comes back. IDK if its the sensor or the harness. I’ll probably switch the o2 sensors and see if it follows the sensor.

Day 1138 “Over 1000”

Small update on plans so far. This is in addition to paint. Paint is on hold till I can get all the resources together to paint it myself.

1. I got the idea that I might be able to get a 98+ factory air lid to fit under my cowl hood. There are some fantastic people here on the forum who donated their stock parts to the cause. Mike and Jim!!

2 I’ve got a 150 mph speedo on its way as well as a few other random parts Thank you Kyle!

3. I’ve been wanting to change the taillight to LED and never really settled on any aftermarket ones. I got the urge to make my own. thanks to Elijah I can play with a set of chrome tails and not feel bad about cutting up a good set of stock ones.

So far I’ve only got an idea of the look I want. these lenses are clear so I can make any design in the tails that i want. This is my idea. Best guess it’s going to be 1000 leds per tail.  lots of soldering. Ignore the poor photoshop I took a daylight pic and tried to make it darker for sunset looking scene. It made the color of the car change a little as well.

Tails parked.

Running lights only

Brake lights (and turn)

Brake with reverse

Day 1174 “Unsolved Mysteries”

Well my p0121 is a mystery. It boils down to I need to re tune. Which is a real bummer since it’s a mail order tune. I tried to go back to them as see what my options are. And since they quit doing 96-97, I’m screwed. So it’s either start over with another mail order or local tune (there are no “local” shops that I know of) or HPT. And I just see HPT being the best solution beside the price tag. I planned on buying HPT for the SC build later on. So it really kills me to have to decide to spend less and get another mail order or more for HPT right now.

In any case, I’ve tried different things and nothing seems to help. The new compressor just has a larger load and pushes it up to where the code trips and messes my idle up. You can read about it here.

Since then I’ve worked on other projects which I’ll post this evening. I’ll just painful hit the clear faults button each time the code pops up or feather the throttle at stop lights. Boy does that make me look like a punk

Day 1175 “No Clearance, Clarence”

So here are the projects i have going:

First, the 98-02 Air lid under my cowl hood.
I tried and I’m missing 3/4″ otherwise it would fit. I can’t removed much of anything to get it to fit without changing the hood. or cutting on the radiator support. I do have a plan to carve out a foam mold to fit under the hood i have and make a fiberglass one. that’s still a ways off. Honestly the only reason I want to do this is to make the filter more accessible. I may throw the old air box on. I’m not sure yet. I hate pulling the fender to clean the filter. I haven’t cleaned it in a year or more. it’s horrible.

This is where the filter hits the hood. I would have to cut out this part of the hood.

Had to drill a hole in my hood to see how much room i had inside the hood. still couldn’t get it down all the way. I wasn’t going to cut up my hood without know for sure it would work. after some modification to the air box i just couldn’t get it to fit the way i wanted. 98+ front ends are much taller on the nose that 93-97s

Second, I’m always unsatisfied with my speaker box. I decided to start over and make another. It simple but i got a few things yet to do. I’m going to conceal them under a piece of tinted plex and maybe some fabric with a little accent lighting just for fun.

First started as a similar setup to the last only flat. i then changed it to completely flat so i could add to it easier. and made the box much simpler

I sprayed a little paint to make it not look like garbage until it’s finished. next step is the tinted plex and lighting

Third, As stated before I’m going to attempt to make my own LED taillight.
Thanks to Elijah i’ve got my housings and all i need is about 2000 leds…. what fun. I’ll probably start with the third brake light and the rear corner markers first then tackle the tails

Last, I’m working on my Keyless Ignition Debug. Small issue revolving my starter. its old and probably needs to be reworked but in short the draw from the starter kills power to my board thus stopping the start. I’ve upgraded the Big 3 and didn’t fix my issue but it did wonders for the amps in the back. the 100 amp fuse had the most impact of the sound. the rest is just for the load to the rest of the car.

Day 1197 “More Interior”

Still tweaking out the stereo. I’ve realized to play 2 different types of music like that my eq can’t have big waves from the head unit. I’ve got to use the amps and cross overs more to control the frequencies.

More interior installed. Thanks brent!

Day 1202 “Makeshift UPS”

I received a piece of hardware that I hope to resolve some of the bugs in my Keyless Ignition system. I can then post a How-To thread on it for anyone to do.

External battery pack. hopefully a makeshift UPS system for my controller board.

Ive also ordered a Ram Mount for my phone’s car dock. I expect that I’ll be posting many vids after it’s installed. The factory car dock sucks as far as vibration and shock absorption. I expect it in a couple days.

Day 1203 “Ram Mount”

Ram mount is delivered! Woot!

Ram mount is solid stuff. made a short vid this morning to see the vibration. I only bolted the car dock to the mount with a single #10 bolt and nut. The plan is to make a mating piece between the 2 pieces to make a solid mount to the car dock. so far without any additional support it works great. better than the crap that came with the dock. Its the best 40 bucks I’ve spent in a while.

Vid= short and uneventful.

I did almost get hit after this after getting into town. I’ll see if I can export and edit it to only show the near collision. Dude wasn’t looking at all.

Bench testing the battery pack. It work through the night and didn’t get hot at all. One flaw though. the battery pack turns itself off after 15 sec if it sees no voltage draw. The board draws very little when the relays are off so it will sometimes turn off the battery pack even with the board connected. easy solution, add a device that draws to the out of the battery pack like the phone. Or keep a relay turned on so there is always voltage running across the board. Its borderline on my tests. Half the time it will turn off and the other half it will not. I should be able to add a load somewhere with no problem.


Day 1217 “HPTuners”

Things might really be getting started.

All the projects I have started are beginning to round to completion.

First, My key-less ignition is finally bug free thanks to this device. Portable battery charger from Walmart. Now I can officially post the write up.

Second is this. Oh yes! Much needed to fix my tune

And lastly I’ve ordered the first set of LEDs to create a system for my LED tailights. I’ll first start with the 3rd brake light to prove out the concept. then order the big stuff. ~2000 LEDs. I’m hoping that I don’t have to use that many and still keep the Tight density of the leds to produce a panel of LEDs rather than a sparse array of LEDs like the aftermarket LED tails do.

Oh and BTW these suck. I’m ordering a different set from another place to see is the quality is better. these pretty much fell apart by touching the led end. bump it on anything and the tip comes off. and a panel on each lamp didn’t work and evenually quit all together. they sent replacements out and the same thing happened. The end came loose and one panel didn’t even light up :-\ LAME!

I’ll post the new brand when they arrive and maybe do a review on them. 881 lamps BTW

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