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Day 939 “Check in the Mail”

OK. So currently I’m getting the numbers straight in my head about how much to spend where. The Check came in today. I’m going this weekend to pick up a 3.42 rear with disc brakes, both fenders, nose section, quick steer rack, and hopefully a couple other things. I have some sway bars on the way 32H/19S thanks to madforce10(V6F-Body.com) and Blix (V6F-Body.com) is sending me a 97+ console for me to play with.

This is the progress so far:

Working on the custom road lamps.

I bought the harness for them. I just have to mount them which is either really simple or really complicated. I haven’t figured out which yet.

I swapped my old broken battery tray with a newer unbroken one.

Lastly, a new battery. Ah, my system will no longer be thirsty.

Day 942 “Truck Load”

This definitely will be as big a change as the cam.

I made a trip to GA on sun. I literally picked up a truck load.

The stuff:

Parts List:

-3.42 LSD Rear end w/ Disc brakes
-Fenders and bumper cover
-Graphite kick panels
-Graphite carpet
-Rear t-top latch covers
-Gasket tray for t-top door gasket
-T-top rack (trunk)
-Quick steer Rack

Day 955 “So Much More to Go”

Back to pre-deer condition :-\ , but so much more to go.

Weekend progress:

Working in the rain:

Lined up execution style:

Finally sitting on its own!

You can tell the old primer is a little faded. but it really isn’t as noticeable as in the pic for some reason. The exposure amplified the contrast or something.

Day 961 “Lube”

The rear is just about ready to go in. I hope the brake line pressures all work like normal. This weekend wasn’t very productive. I’m hoping next weekend I can make 2 tire marks at the same time!

I also picked up new lube’n’junk.

Day 969 “Lost My Bearings”

Well this weekend started pretty good. I got the trans out but lost the spare throw out bearing. Sunday the bottom fell out and the rest will have to wait a week. I plan on swapping the rear end and sway bars as well and hopefully the steering rack too.

Blurry phone pic: (note to self: always take 2 pics lol)

Day 977 “LSD”

It’s been slow progress. I got a few things accomplished though. The trans made it back in. I lubed up LSD and swapped 2.25 steering rack. Here is a note to anyone that is swapping Racks. You need to make sure your steering shaft is designed for a quick steer rack and pinion. The original shaft in my 96 isn’t a direct swap. It’s a good thing I bought the rack with a shaft. It made things a lot easier.

LSD Mmmmmmm

Swapping racks:

As you can see the shafts are about 90* different at the end where is connects to the rack. The one on the right is the shaft that came with my new steering rack.

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