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Day 616 “Rant!”

OK, a little more progress.

New tires! I have a complete set now. I also realized that I have a leak on a rear seal that I’ll have to fix as well.

I also started to get my headliner ready to put back in. I got some 3M spray and glued the headliner back down. I made some generous cuts so its easier to see when I make the finishing cuts. I know this liner looks like shit but I’m tired of not having a headliner. So I’m using my old headliner. When I swap the interior I’ll be looking for another liner anyway.

Now……..I feel it necessary to rant.

Today I was sitting in my car, in the parking lot, waiting Courtney to come out of the store. A Taurus pulled up next to me and a guy got out of the back and Baam! Whacked my rear quarter. I looked and they were like OOPS and started snickering totally ignorant to the fact I was in the car. The guy noticed me with on “oh shit” face, then decided to walk on into the store. strangely this pissed me off. I got out and walked around to see. He felt it was best to come look at it with me… oh its just a little scratch he said… I held my tongue. I had the youngster in the back seat. I kindly said “watch it next time!” and walk back to my door. Courtney came back to the car… noticed the ding.. (at night) I said “get it, lets get out of here before i blow a gasket.” >:-[ So I calmly exited the lot and tried to satisfied my self with a some rpms. However, i was really pissed.

Sadly this isn’t a “kill” story, however, it would have, had it been after I painted it, and the law probably would have gotten involved. he’s lucky that I’m waiting till last to paint it. I hate stupid people!!

I have to fix a few dings on this fender anyway but dammit! Why are people such idiots. It thumb size scratch and a decent dent …. I have no useful comment!

Day 619 “Headliner”

I planned on installing head liner today. I also decided to clean up the view through the windshield.

I took this…

and made this

I used the factory dome light power to tap into

Now I have a clean view.

I also got the headliner modified and installed. Its crappy I know, it’s only temporary.

Day 626 “Goodies”

I got some goodies in.

I’ve been sick for the past three days so I’ll have to wait for a nice weekend to install them. I also have some coils on the way to hopefully fix my slight misfire.

Day 632 “Rear Suspension”

I’m partially finished with the install of the rear suspension. I ran into a snag though. The shock bolt stripped out. I was torquing it down and it just stripped. It took me an hour or better to get it back off. But tomorrow I’ll be getting another bolt and hopefully beat the rain that’s suppose to arrive in the afternoon. :-\

(BTW I’m liking this new phone, Droid Razr Maxx. The pics come out lots better than my DX)

Day 633 “Black Drums”

I finished up the install.

The LCAs, RELOs, And Panhard bar are installed . I installed new coils too. It seems to help my misfires.

Also got artsy and sprayed some black on the fugly drums.

Oh and to anyone buying a damn grease gun… DO NOT buy AutoTEC grease gun from Autozone! They are nothing but pieces of shit.

Day 641 “G16 Planning + Stereo”

OK, I’ve planned what I’m going to do for g16. I’ve taken a few things out so I can be done realistically.

-First I’m cutting out the paint job. However I will be sporting a blue primer, black wheels, berger and headlight cubbies.

-Putting the repaired dash back in after I do some fiberglass reinforcement on the underside.

-I’ve go to pull the trans and replace the throw out bearing.

-And within the next 2-3 weeks I’ll be parking her, taking her apart, and getting her ready for the body work and primer.

I also threw out the old headliner. I just wasn’t good enough for me.

This weekend I decided to tackle the stereo. I’ve got it mostly done. Here are some pics of the progress over the weekend. I ran everything under the carpet (driverside seat and panels had to come out :-\ lol)

Here is what i planned.

it started with the most complicated-simple box i have ever put together. i had to have 1 cu.ft and it took pretty much the largest box you can fit down in the pocket. there are no 90 deg cuts on the whole thing. everything is angled to get 1.05 cu.ft,

then make a full size top,

test fit the electronics,

And rattle can a carpet like paint.

It fits!! lol

This is a horrible pic but I worked well into the night to get the wiring done. I had to run (2) 5 wire cables to run the 6 speaker system while also using the factory harness.

Its a rats nest at the moment. I have to get the wires cleaned up but I’ll have finished pics soon.

The final design is going to also have a place for the tops to sit and not block my sub. also I’m going to order a RF P2D4-12 to replace that MTX 10.

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