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Day 522 “Leak Testing”

I did some leak tests, then played with RTV. The leaks are fixed for now. Tomorrow, it’s supposed the rain so there’s the real test.

I pressure washed the carpet…

And it looks like I’ll be getting a new one. I knew this already… but I thought I could at least clean it up a bit and make it look decent till i do.

Day 556 “Christmas Day”

Just an update…

After I got the tops back together it came a flood for three days. Go figure.

Christmas morning started like this…

I then decided I wanted to take the Camaro to the family Christmas. So I spent a couple hours putting the interior back in.

Day 563 “Leak Free New Year”

I figured out that my leak was in the tops. So I took them apart and re-sealed them. I hosed it down and no more leaks.

At the end of it all, the weather was nice enough (high 60’s) to ride with the tops off at a couple days during the holidays.

Day 572 “Headlights”

I’ve ordered the headlights I plan to use to replace these ridiculous excuses for headlights.

Current setup: Conversion housings from eurolights.com, see here. As you can see the left high beam is damaged and has been rendered useless.

potential new setup using a 89-98 GM C/K truck headlight. see here. The reason I chose these over projectors is that I don’t like the round light in a square hole. These wont have the same HID output, but I’ve been running 80/100W xenon lamps for a while and I like them.

Day 581 “Headlight Conversion Part 1”

The weather has forced me to  brake out the pop up tent just in case.

Today I’m starting to cut the new lights to fit.
Tomorrow they will get installed.

Here are some pics I took.
I hope these will up the light output.

While I was at it, I grabbed another exhaust vid. The trip to ATL really broke it in some. I can tell it sounds a little different (not that my cell phone can capture it for you :-\) and it pulls harder too.

Day 582 “Headlight Conversion Part 2”

I started the headlight mod using the write up here, except I’m cutting the header panel off on each side instead of trimming out the inside of the headlight area.

Here is where I got to…

I modded the new housings and trimmed the hardware to be shorter.

The bracket is cut

And the disassembly…

Fit check!

I’m going to choose to trim the bumper a bit to get the headlights down enough to look right. Mainly because of the humps you see here. I’m going to cut a line that matches the new headlight.

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