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Day 856 “Rims and Plastic”

I checked the rims and test fitted one of them to get an idea of how they look. I’m not completely sold on keeping them black but I’ll hold off on installing them until I know where I want to go with them.


New set, and I’m liking them over the salad shooters.

The plastic is installed as well as the seat belts…. I never really thought how much of a pain it is to take the seat belts out.

Day 864 “Window Washer”

I fixed my Washer lines. I  bolted my STB under the cowl instead of through it. I had to mangle the driver wiper hinge to loosen it up. It was acting like it was seizing and wouldn’t press the wiper blade down…  Idk, I beat and bent the hinge part until it moved freely. I guess the arm was “squeezing the hinge” and making it stick.

I got my 4ch RCA’s in. I was hoping this will fix a few ground loop and connection issues on my old Pioneer DEH-P77DH. I got to replace all my shit cause it’s old.

Day 885 “Yet Another Box”

Ok so I’ve been working on yet another subwoofer box to reclaim my trunk for my tops and the groceries.

I’ve recently added a 10″ woofer to the system and need to stick it somewhere as well. Its just the face at the moment. The cubby box is the next step.


First few cuts:

It fits! lol

Final cuts:

Vinyl?…. Nah, I’ll wait.

Last test fit:

It time for the liquid nail and caulk…in tight places.

Don’t forget the woofer hole!

Next are the electronics. Wires! I guess that’s what I get for running 3 amps, a crossover, and an XM receiver.

Now it’s sorta stuck out like a sore thumb. and the thing that made me :facepalm: was a street walker kid watching me pull out of the parking lot and waved his hand and head in praise at the large box that sit is the back window. so I though “How do I tone it down and  make it invisibl”….. black?

This seems to work better. Still got some hiding to do. I plan on covering it all with speaker grill cloth. But guess what, I got thump and a place to store the tops and the groceries.

It’s more stealthy than before, most definitely. And I get to watch the sub in the rear view which is nice.

Day 899 “I’m an Idiot”

Small update:

I figured out why my amp was overheating.  The 10″ sub was out of an amplified enclosure. The sub isn’t a standard 4 ohm sub, it was a .35 ohm.

I’m an idiot.

In any case I corrected the problem.

It’s a little old, but I got it for 60 bucks. It’s still new. It’s seen one install and was removed before any use.

I also finished up the cubby box. That’s a hard box to make. I would suggest to anyone to buy a prefab. It’s so worth the money over building one.

Fit test # 18:


Day 915 “Matching the Headlights”

I ordered some fog lights out of a 99 silverado to try and match my headlight look and still fit in the hole. I believe these will work. They are almost perfect fit. These will be installed soon. I have to get the sockets for the lamp which are already ordered, 5 buck each.

It’s a pretty good distribution in my opinion.

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