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Day 1068 “Late Nights”

Looks like this whole week is going to be late night posts. I picked up a few more supplies for a few little details.

Installed the led 881 lamps. They look good but not as much light output. They’ll work for DRLs.


Day 1068 “Anti-Hacking upgrade”

(3 days before g17)

I finally hammered out all the details on the keyless system. I redid the relays and put higher amp relays in to handle the actual work of carrying current. this was due in part by the limited size wire the relay board could hold. it caused too much voltage drop to activate the starter. That seemed to be the only problem with the first version. This is a more robust setup and it has a few redundant safety features to prevent hacking and accidental starts.

Tomorrow is the last day for mods. I have a couple more finishing touches for the speaker box and the back glass. But, other than that its all cleaning from now till G17.

Here’s the new relay setup. lots more wire and lots more space needed to fit. It barely fits where I put it.

Day 1075 “G17”

Now I have time to update since the Gathering.

Before heading out I decided to pretty up my speaker box.

While at the gathering Brent did a fantastic job on my berger,

Got it dyno’d,

and won an award.

Day 1078 “The G18 List”

Well I’ve decided to only focus on appearance for this next year. Brent and Laura has inspired me to finish the body and get some paint down. This also gives me time to figure out what kind of SC build I want to do. I though I was going Powerdyne, but I’m looking into the M90 again. So as for now SC is on the back burner until after I get a good “looking” car.
G18 List
Interior Part 2 (in process)
LED Interior (in process)
Set 2 Rims Painted (in process)
-Window Tint
-SS spoiler (LT)Future Mods
-T56 swap
-DF clutch upgrade

Day 1085 “Elbow Deep”

Here are a few little updates. As I was cleaning out the shed I found My pacesetter sticker. I thought the yellow looks pretty good next to the other yellow here.

Thanks to the fantastic people at Trico Products they send me, free of charge, 2 couplers to replace the 1 I broke right before we left for the Gathering.  Now, if I can just get my wiper switch replaced, I’ll be set.

Yesterday afternoon I figured I’d dive in and see why my blower sounds like its creating a hurricane but there’s only a light breeze coming out of the vents

About half of what I removed from the blower ducts. I was elbow deep in the ducts. It now works perfectly (well as perfect as a duct that’s had that in it for several years). Now I can actually rely on my ac to keep me cool.

Day 1094 “Change-up”

Well to jump start my appearance modding I wanted to clean up the stereo system by hiding a few components and reducing the wire that shows. My new box will be stealth. Completely covered nothing visible unless I want it visible. I also got a package on Friday.


97+ console:

Only issues I’ve had installing it are the power outlets i don’t have harness for which is no biggie I can have new collars made and fix that. and the ashtray isn’t as big on the new consoles so my touch screen ignition isn’t going to fit there. I think I’ve got a new place that is pretty good but i have to finish up the other stuff before hand.

So, this was pretty much how it was laid out before.

So far I’ve hidden about half of the components.

The XM receiver:

While I was at it moved the antenna to the t-top divider. I hope this helps the tall trees kicking out my reception.

The door speaker amplifier will be under the seat.

X-over in the glove box:

All that’s left is the 2 amps for the rear subs. with the new box i’m going to be able to hide those as well.

Here are a couple of shots of the ignition board illuminating the under side of the dash. I thought it was cool looking.

On board Bluetooth chip:

So, as of right now my car sits without interiors panels, console, or quite a few dash panels.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Day 1095 “Cupholder Upgrade”

I’ve finished relocating all the components.

The cross over is with in hands reach now. I can properly tune the audio now.

It no longer an utter mess in the back.

The console is in with minor modifications still needed to fix everything I need.

And I have a damn useful cup holder!

Day 1099 “Tinting Needs”

I actually got to use the cup holder this week. Its weird having a cup holder.

I’ve been getting a feel for what all tinting I want to do to the car. I’m going to have someone do it as my tinting skill are shit but good enough to find out what I want. My phone has been baking in my car dock so I decided to put a piece of 5% on the top of the windshield. I think I’ll either 5% or black it out. only problem with blacking it out is seeing stop lights lol.

Day 1104 “Using Logic”

OK, since I’ve had to relocate the touch screen ignition. The most logic place is to fill the gap between the new console and the dash. It just so happens to fit perfectly.

3D modeling makes things easy. I do this every day for work. An hour of modeling and an hour to fab it in the model shop, boom, I got a mount.

It currently double sided taped to the console. I have to make a new mount to move some holes and create a way to fasten it to the console. Unfortunately I have to drill a hole or 2 in the console but it’ll all be good in the end. Later I’ll try my hand at making a bezel. If I go double din on my head unit I might have to create a whole new bezel.

The night shot looks pretty cool.

Day 1108 “Sticky Situation”

Last night I finished up the mount… I’m very satisfied on how it came out.

Although the humidity was 90% I managed to dry them… it took a few different methods but they got dry. BTW I don’t suggest the dryer, as least on medium heat. Within 2 mins they were sticky. AC does best.

Yes I want it to dry. Thanks AC

Had to do a little cutting. I wasn’t happy about that.

finished pics

Mounted for now until i make a plate for the hole

This also came in the mail.

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