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Day 683 “All the Way down”

New progress… still not getting as much as I need to done.

G16 is 25 days away and I still need to sand over half the car as well as body work. Come on weather hold out for me…. Please!

I got a little deep on the rear quarter but shot some rattle can to keep the rust out.

Day 690 “Seats”

Seats! Now the only thing that will be tan is the carpet.

UPS, thanks for sending me a nice square? :-\


The breakdown:

The old driver seat: very uncomfortable.


Spot repair:

Passenger side, done!!

Calling it a night.

Day 692 “Driver Seat”

(16 days till G16)

More rain, less progress. I did make due with my time.

Driver seat:

I did a couple patch jobs. It turns out I’m pretty handy with a needle and thread. lol

This is where the electric controls were on the old seats:

And the driver seat had a couple of tears.

Front seats done.

Moving on to the rear:

It’s starting to pile up.

And called it a night.

Day 692 “New Life”

I sanded some more.

Also the seat are in , or most of them.

Working last night in the fog and dew ended my shifter balls life. RIP

So I gave it a new life, stripped it and gave it a little scrub.

Day 696 “Seats and a Touch of Silver”

Despite the rain this weekend, I did get a couple little things out of the way. But not nearly what i planned to.

The back got some attention:

My bumper markers are crap.

New markers!

Clear won’t cut it. They got to be black!

I finally got to the rear seats and finished up the interior. I’ll probably get me some black floor mats, just depends.

And because it rained pretty much all weekend, I had to paint something to satisfy myself.

The victim:

Day 702 “Everything is Coming Together”

(6 days till G16)

Today was a very good day. The end result was a drive at sunset. Here are the pics. Enjoy!

Spoiler on:

Night Shade touch up:

I noticed under the hood is going to need some major TLC.

The front came together:

Starting to look sexy.

I saved the best for last and also because it was a pain in the ass to mask.

But it was so worth it.

Another side shot while I was waiting for paint to dry:

And Bam! The ass it tight.

Just a couple of maintenance things, but after a major clean up… she’s G16 ready!

Day 715 “G16 is gone”

Ok, G16 is over, but it was a blast. Here are a few pics as I was getting ready to head to the show, the clean up and such.

And here are a few of my favorite shots of the car during G16. Thanks to Kris, LeAnne, and Jim.

I took these on the way home outside Birmingham.

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