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Day 647 “Sunset at Bath time”

I’ve been messing around with T-top placement. Its sort of hard not to cover up the sub. :-\

I also had time today to wash it and give the tips the proper attention they need.


Plus I enjoyed a lovey cruise at sunset afterwards.

This coming weekend is the start of G16 crunch time. I’m ordering the primer and the tint to spray. I’m going to start sanding. It only 9 weekends ’till G16.

Day 650 “Updates”

Its almost monotonous posting updates without anything major to update on.

I’ve ordered me a RF P2D4-12 which should be here Friday.

I’ve also ordered the fiber glass cloth and resin for my dash

Here is the to-do list for G16:

Must do’s:
-fixing the dash
-finishing the trunk area (I got some ideas on sporting some site logos)
-Sanding/body work
-Primer (I’ll be rocking the primer at G16)
-Replacing the throw out bearing

Can do’s:
-Swapping in a 97+ console.
-Find a headliner.
-LED swap (cluster)
-New foam for the seats. (driver side it pretty bad, I guess my fat a$$ needs to lose some weight)

Day 654 “The Glow”

54 days until G16:

I’ve been slowly cleaning and tweak the sound system and trunk area.

I made a nice tinted Plexiglas trunk cover,

did some wire routing and clean up,

And played with some lighting,

I’m sorta pleased with the output while the trunk cover up and the hatch closed (both being tinted) its a very low glow. So much that the camera can’t even pick it up. When I’m done you wont be able to see the lights, only the box.

Day 655 “Supplies”

Ok so today I bought some more stuff. I’ve ordered the paint and supplies. The fiberglass resin and cloth should be on its way. I think I’ve got about half of what I need here… and its a lot as you can see.

Day 658 “Rigid Dash Pad”

The dash is nice and solid now. I did a finish cut with the cutting wheel. and sanded the edges. No more brittle dash. I can hold it in the middle and there is no flex or creaking … FTW! It may have visible cracks but its good enough for me, and it beats not having one. its blinding without one.


After trim, sand, & a wipe down:


Applied the insulation and ready for an install:

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