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Day 2461 “Fixing a Few Things”

The wedding is getting closer and we have a few pics to take for engagement photos and I roped in a few car shots lol. I had to fix a couple things though.

One being my blinker housing. The 2nd deer smashed the lens off. I melted a piece of plexiglass and made a new lens. I should have replaced it by now but my mind has been out of car mode for at least 6 months lol. A couple layers of Nightshade fix it. The next thing I’m going to do is order new housings or build my leds versions lol.

One thing I’m working on is the stereo. I’ve bought a new head unit and working on a couple things with it that will be kinda cool.

Day 2476 “Photoshoot”

I never posted the final product of the night shade fix. I’ve actually bought new housings to replace these but they are on the shelf until after the wedding.

I took a couple engagement photos with the car. This is the best one in my opinion.

Day 2500 “New Owner”

So, the Camaro has a new owner….

Some say it was a mistake…..
But I feel that she’ll take good care of it.

Oh I forgot to mention she kept the driver as well. She can’t drive stick. So she needs someone to drive her around in it. 🙂

Day 2566 “Clearance”

So a week ago, one of these freebie tires decided to spring a leak on the shoulder. Its an old tire and I wasn’t too mad about it.

I got the new tire in and mounted.

But not before the boy had a laugh with it first. lol

I realized that I’m only clearing the body by .25in and if my suspension is not loaded the tire actually rubs pretty bad. So as long as I don’t go jumping any ramps my tire should not rub.

It also looks like I need to replace the stupid bump stops. They are looking a little rough.

I’m also preparing to build the fiberglass enclosure for my 12in sub to fit in my spare tire area. But first, I need to soundproof the body.

Day 2672 “Falling Behind on Posts”

The past couple months I’ve been slowly working on a few things. Prepare for a lengthy post. Sorry. :-\

First, I’ve brought back the tinted plexi trunk cover. My old cover is lost. Plus it was not graphite so it wouldn’t help me anyway. I’ll probably do more to it probably add lighting and maybe other things.


My Sub woofer enclosure is coming along slowly.

Sound deadener installed:

Fiberglass prep:

Fun stuff:

Once cured I started trying to figure out how to make the top half of the enclosure. So, I lined up the panels and used a laser to make a few things

I then used quite a bit of foam and glue them all together then shaved it down until it fit in the hole. (I want to be able to remove it just in case i need to repair or maybe paint it.

Finally fits:

I didn’t really know where I was going to put the amps and stuff but there seems to be a bunch of room behind the enclosure.

After the new tire was on, I suspected that it was rubbing a little. I was correct. I think it’s just because the bump stops are doing their job lol so time to fix that.


Bump stops! You failed me!

Traded in for younger models.

This was probably long overdue.

And because there is no direct replacements, cut, cut, cut.

The otherside was a bit worse. I have been hanging the left turns a bit hard apparently. lol

All done.

Now for the more recent problem or inconvenience more or less.

I’m working on getting the rest of the Supercharger parts on the shelf. I want to pull this motor and redo all the gaskets and anything else that looks like it needs replacing

I noticed that my Timing Chain was making more noise than usual. I’ve been unable to stop the noise completely since I install the Cam but this was louder.

Back in the air it goes.

The usual breakdown:

Turns out there was a slight problem. I found other pieces of it in the oil when i drained it. I think this is the original tensioner only because none of the other tensioners felt like they fit properly. So I bought a Sealed Power version and it looks the closest to the factory. It still fits a little weird but I think it will to the job.

I took the opportunity to clean some of the parts because my PS pump line was leaking some and made a mess all over everything.

This part was painted and I think when I SC i’m going to polish parts instead of painting them. I decided to strip the paint off this and clean it up a bit.

Looks decent.

Day 2675 “Casualties”

I finally buttoned up the car and back on the road. But not without a few issues.

Had to buy another CPS because I broke the connector off the old one.

I topped off the fluids.

Running a little quieter. The chain noise is still there but only as loud as it always has been. Due to the busted tensioner it was a bit louder


Day 2687 “Friction”

I’m working on quite a few things on the camaro. Some of which I’ve decided to hold off on like the foam seat replacement. Also there are several that I’m still working on such as the Fiberglass sub enclosure and this which is my power window conversion. The issue I have is the guide that runs from the motor to the crank has a lot of friction and the motor, that is pretty powerful, can’t pull the cable through without binding up. I’ve got it out trying to find a lube that works well and stays on there for a while.

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to Operation X!

On Nov 1, 2017 I decided to convert my thread on V6F-Body.com to a blog.  This blog showcases my 96 Camaro that I’ve been working on since 2010. You will see the whole build from the beginning to now.

Feel free to check the about page for more information on how Operation X started.

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Day 2707 “Fun Mods”

I decided it was time for some fun mods.

The Ole Shifter knob had its run and it was time to put in a proper shift boot. It’s been so long since I had a complete shifter setup.

Shift Boot, Shift Knob, and Retainer

Photo during the day:

Day 2708 “Chain Noise be Gone”

The Timing Chain noise is still there and still annoying so I jumped ahead and bought a double roller and oil pump just so that the noise can be gone.

Thank you ZZP!

I think I’m going to try and get this on this weekend. I will need to drain the fresh oil which I’m not happy about. I hope I can recover the oil, but if not oh well.

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