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Day 3157 “I’m done with working on the car… in the gravel!”

I’ve been unable to update on the car because haven’t really finished anything else to post about. what I have been working on though is just as or more exciting because it will make working on the car much easier.

So, some of you may remember this shed from 3 or so years ago. It was built because working out of the house sucks. I needed space for tools, parts and anything that would make a mess in the house. It served its purposed well.

Well with the addition of this little guy to the family, I had no choice but to add even more space to the house. Who knew one little person can take up so much space. :-\

So I drew up the plans for adding onto the house and decided it was time to get out of the driveway and into a garage as well. This is what I came to.

very simple mock up of the house side (no windows or doors)

The past few weeks have been full of construction. We are almost ready to pour a slab.

Day 3217 “Blacked in”

2 months and its been a little hard to post updates. The weather has killed a lot of weeks, but we are blacked in. I’m pretty much all late nights and caffeine at this point. Garage doors are coming in soon and the roof will follow in a couple weeks. Siding some after that. Hopefully posts won’t be months apart again but it just depends on my free time.

My idea for the garage is to get everything insulated and when I install the HVAC, I dual zone the garage and house to have a nice comfortable garage to work in. It all depends on what I have left at the end. Right now it looks like I’m going to have to wait till the first of the year for all that.

If i haven’t mentioned it, there is a whole Master Bedroom and Bath plus a Multipurpose room that is being added during all this as well. So the wifey is getting a little bit of love with this as well.

Blacked in

Garage (center bay for the lift)

Paint Booth

Day 3228 “The Car can’t wait “

House construction is still moving well. I’ve got power to the shop. I just have to get everything connected. The doors are installed so I can officially move in without concern of things being exposed to the weather and prying eyes.

Unfortunately, the Car just can’t wait for me to have a good place to work on stuff. The Power Steering pump decided to take a dump and spew fluid everywhere. I believe it is a parts house pump which I’ll probably go ahead and pay for an OEM so I don’t have to do this every few years. The PS fluid has been leaking down for a while and I couldn’t figure out where but I guess it was this.

Through the unpacking I’ve ran across the parts that need to get on the car. The list has grown. I haven’t been able to post about some of it. I’ll get an update on the car soon. The house has gotten plenty of attention. 😀

Recent photos of the shop progress…

Doors installed

Moving in (Feels good to see all my tools again lol)

Day 3248 “It has no power!”

Unfortunately a couple weeks ago I was returning home from work and 1 mile from the house I began to smell some fluid hitting exhaust. It was not an oil smell but it was sudden and pretty strong so I panicked. I looked behind me and there was a plume of smoke trailing behind me so I cut the car off and coasted into the driveway.

Turns out the Power Steering Pump took a dump and made a mess. Since I’m in the middle of house construction I didn’t fix it right away. Eventually, I wanted to get it back on the road and I’m pretty sure that was a parts house Pump. So I ordered a reman’d AcDelco PS Pump in the hopes it lasts more than a couple years.

I’m still not able to use the shop…. bummer. But the good news is that I’m about ready to get a floor coating to put on it so I can work with messy fluids and not stain the floor. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can post about that.

The mess

Pool of fluid on the K member

Covered the hood

Not a drop left in the reservoir

It took a minute to get that pulley off the pump. I had to get a hose clamp around the pulley tool to keep it from slipping off and then an impact drill to try and break it loose. I certainly wasn’t going to be able to wrench it by hand. It was tight.

A couple hours later I finally had a pulley free and a new pump ready to go in.

The rest is SOP. Its back on the road and I’m happy to have my car back 😀

Its filthy from just 2 weeks on sitting…. :-\ Maybe today’s rain tsunami will knock off all that and make it look half way decent.

Day 3259 “Cleaning off the Shelves”

I saw some stuff sitting on the shelf and thought to myself “why am ” waiting to install these?” I think I was waiting for the SC build originally. But I changed my mind and started putting stuff that I had collected on the car just to clean off the shelves.

You may remember a failed project that I goofed a couple years ago. I still have the parts and have tried a couple times to find another lens that fits to no avail.

But recently I purchased a new set, giving up on trying to fix those old ones. However, I really wished I could have.

I also bought a few other pieces to get the car back up to par. My tails were leaking, the dear had messed up the driver side front blinker housing and my homemade LED 3rd brake light was getting a little rough.

Off with the old

Requires the 98+ sockets and a new flasher (electronic)

Now before you get all grossed out, I understand that most old school car guys hate this look. And I can’t agree more. lol

And whats the proper way to fit ugly taillights? lol Night Shade of course!

My curing station

Now a pesky problem with the ABS and the 3rd brake light. I don’t know why but you have to have a load that is greater than the LEDs to make the ABS shutup.

Relay wired parallel to the trigger leads (85, 86). (it literally does nothing beside create a load)

All better

Day 3336 “It’s turned a bit crazy”

I think I’ve officially gotten to the “mad scientist” crazy with my ideas. I’ve integrated a tablet into the dash, automated the door locks and ignition, and plan to install a small computer or something that I can code to for custom stuff. But now I’m flirting with one now that effects the drive-ability of the car. (Still safe just different) Its a normal problem but my solution is not. I wouldn’t spoil anything just yet but it does effect the rear glass. You can make a few assumptions based on that. I had to strip the GoPro mounts and the V6FB logo(again). This is more of an experiment. This week I should be able to post a full explanation with photos.

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