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Day 126 “Motor is Finished!”

It’s Day 126 of the build. I have finished the motor and I’m a day ahead of schedule. YAY!! There’s only a few things left to do and then I can put it back in the car. Between now and Sunday I hope to get the camaro rolling on the pavement again.


Clean up K-Member
Clean up Transmission
Mount Motor on K-Member
Replace Rear Main Seal
Swap out an O2 sensor (connector is damaged)
Connect Steering pump lines
Install Clutch
Install Transmission
*then the K-Member is ready to put in*
Tackle the Engine Bay – Clean, vacuum, ….Check for damage from little squirrels!
Get the Motor installed!!!


Here are Pics of the progress:

Day 128 “Well…….”

Well, Today I planned to Install the motor. I assembled the motor, K-member, Clutch and Trans, but since I had some stuff to fix I thought to hold off the install till I got the repairs done. I have to fix the EGR vent to manifold. I snapped a bolt coming out, and tore the hose while I was at it. that hose don’t bend to many times before they break. I also broke the nipple off the Power Steering Reservoir. Good thing I had spare parts from the other motor. I patched the steering pump reservoir with a hose nipple and RTV. hopefully it will hold for a little while till I get it replaced.

So here it sits taunting me to install.
My Girlfriend wanted to pose too, so I snapped a few pics.

Day 129 “Installed!”

I installed the motor today. I’m very pleased with it. It looks good and I’m ready to get her started. I did run into a fuel pump problem again but I hope to fix that soon. But Here’s it is……..

P.S. It is very difficult to write a “write-up” backwards when trying to install. But also, it makes you think about the install while your taking it out so…….. Its a win-win. I’m putting my notes together, and will create a “How To” in a few Days, just for the next Guy….. and if I every have to do this again. But I’m having fun with this project. I did most of it by myself, I had a helper with me a few times. I do suggest having 2 people but It can be done with only one person……. But free help is …… well free. (I take that back, I did promise to let him drive it once, if he put in the wrench time… Supervised of course.)


Day132 “Success!”

I managed to clean the fuel pump. Thank you, WD40. It started up just fine. I let her run for about 10 min to check oil pressure, temp, and to see if it would throw any codes. Everything checked out fine. I must find me a Steering pump reservoir since mine is broken. My rigging didn’t hold. It drips still.

I’ve got a couple of pics and a video. I hope to start driving her this weekend.

Stupid Fuel pump:  5 months sitting and this is how bad it gets. The gas was getting sticky? I drained that old gas and put some fresh gas in and it runs fine. going to change the fuel filter after a couple of tanks of gas.


I even managed to Night Shade the tails.

Here is the video…. Yes it was smoking but it wasn’t the new motor. There was a lot of oil and coolant in the exhaust from the original motor. After 10 min it was gone.

Day 135 “The Maiden Voyage

Well, I had some problems with the fuel pump again. She wouldn’t make it down the road without her wanting to go dead. I think I’ll be cleaning the tank out but I did get her fixed well enough to drive. I got a new strainer and fuel filter and now she’s running fine. I’ve put 200 miles on her in 2 days, letting her stretch her legs. I did get a little video of her first mile away from home. She needed a bath too. The windshield is really dirty. She’s clean now though.

Day 139 “All seems well”

Well I’ve had no problems since Saturday. After about 350 miles the suspension seems to be relaxing. It was very stiff to start out. The ride is getting better. Now its time to start doing some picky stuff like stereo and get some little things done. I’m going to start sanding on it again as soon as some good weather comes.

Updates to follow!

Day 175 “Doomed to have cooling problems”

Well, I feel like a cartoon using every limb to plug holes in a water barrel. Since I’ve had it back on the road in 2 months, I’ve blown heater hoses off twice, water pump has failed, and replaced steering pump pressure line. However, It seems that I’m doomed to have cooling issues. Maybe I’ve gotten a hold on the problems as far. I had to replace the water pump …..again. This partly because I reused the pump off the other motor when the first started weeping. And yesterday morning I noticed the heater wasn’t working and the temp was elevated. pulled over to find this water pump after a 19F cold night it also weeps. I had a gallon of water as a “just in case” because of the issues I’ve been having. I got it off the interstate and pulled over into this abandoned gas station. By this time the the pump was pumping more out than around. So, I parked it until i got off work. I put a new pump on at dark in the cold. I hate the cold. but after an hour I got it repaired, drove it back home, flushed it again, and added antifreeze.

This made yet another mess all over engine bay. A major clean up is needed.

I hate having to fix things on the side of the road and in the dark. Did I mention i hate the cold. This wasn’t too bad, but I still hate it.

Ready to Roll

Day 227 “My Naked Beauty”

Well its been a couple months and the leaks and break downs have lessened. I decided to start working on a face lift. I sanded about 6 hrs and got the front cap ready for primer. I realized the weather damage to the front bumper is pretty significant. My be looking for a new front bumper and driver fender. the driver fender body lines don’t match the hood. Think’in it needs a little persuasion to fit…. we’ll see. However, it started to rain and humidity went to 90%… decided to wait on primer till a dryer day.

Here’s my naked beauty….

Day 234 “Primer”

FIIIIINALLY! The weather warmed up enough to finish up what I started last week. Here is big leap toward getting her looking half way decent. I’m hoping to get the rest of the panels repaired and maybe i wont have to have as much painting to get done. I’m going to replace the bumper cover for sure. still debating on the driver fender. But never the less, here are the pics. Looks 10X better IMO. Finished without a minute to spare the sun is setting as I took the pics

Then I noticed that I still had the blinkers taped up.

Day 240 “More touch up”

Well… the weekends have been nice for once and I’m not letting them go to waste. This weekend, I’m working on the doors and rear fender. I’ve got a can of MQB from Autozone. Its suppose to be a match to mine. I’m going to check it on a spare mirror housing i just happen to have and see if the color blends well. so far I’ve got the area’s sanded down. tomorrow its suppose to be 60*.  Lets just say I believe it when I see it. The weather people are sucking lately on temps.

Here are the results of the days work. hopefully finishing it tomorrow.

Here is what I had to fix.

Aafter a few hours of sanding…

Ran into a problem with the driver door and fender. I noticed some bondo under the paint. But I eat through it without knowing it. but there are a couple of dings on the fender and so I put some filler back on so, tomorrow, I can smooth that out by hand. Mainly to get the door and fender to line up.

so there she sits…. ready for tomorrow
(She needs a bath…. seriously)

And the day could not be complete without a casualty.
this is going to hurt tomorrow….. it hurts now as I’m typing
Gotta love power tools.

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